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Thomas Ganslmayr & Oliver Rességuier –
Experts for your team’s genuine and sustainable development!

Imagine your team as a molecule! A dynamic network of people that continually stretches and changes but can also disintegrate. In an ideal world something new and wonderful can arise, in the worst of worlds only individual atoms remain.

As very experienced professionals, together with you, we can create a molecule which doesn’t lose its stability under difficult conditions or pressures.

Does this sound familiar?
Your team is under a lot of pressure. The work must be finished by the end of the quarter. But for some reason the team is not in the same boat. Nobody is really talking and when they do, they are talking past each other. If you ask your employees about it they all say that everything is fine. But that does not ring true and you are asking yourself what can you do about it?

The work results of the department are not meeting expectations. You have the impression that one reason is that the team is not working together very well. Everybody is working as individuals and a real team identity appears to be missing. You ask yourself how you can effect a lasting improvement in the productivity of the team?

You are the new manager of the team. Your predecessor, by his own account, has handed over to you a perfectly well-functioning team. But since your arrival you have had the impression that something isn’t quite right. Your employees are reserved towards you. You have the feeling that you are not really connecting with them. You ask yourself how you and your team can together develop a trusting and cooperative working relationship?

You set up a project team from employees of different departments. The aim being to seamlessly combine different specialties and resources. But the team members don’t know each other yet. Slight reservations exist between departments. You ask yourself how you can build a fully functional project team, against this background, as soon as possible?

A teambuilding workshop has just finished. Despite the expensive outdoor activity, a great location and all the wining and dining – after only a week everything is back to old! The same conflicts, the same unresolved issues, the same frustrations! You ask yourself what went wrong?

How do we do this?
We work with our own unique combination of empathy, unconventional techniques, humour and our own special analysis tools. These enable people to understand themselves and others better and allow the resolution of even the smallest of tensions.
Team development for us is a holistic process and not a one off intervention. Before starting the development of the team it is important for us to talk with the team members, in order to understand where the team’s challenges lie. After the team building workshop we will keep in touch to ensure the sustainability of our work!
With what do we do it?
Thomas Ganslmayr

  • MBTI I & II certified practitioner
  • Certified Profile Dynamics® trainer
  • Family Constellations
  • Certified “Team Booster Facilitator” for Airbus Group SAS
  • Stress and relaxation coach
  • Coaching by role-play scenarios
  • Training as an organisational advisor and coach (NIK)
  • Course in Change-Management
  • Certified moderator (1996)
  • Postgraduate studies at the German Development Institute
  • Training as a paramedic
  • Degree majored in geography, minors in economics and ethnology
Oliver Rességuier

  • Certified systemic coach (aetk)
  • Certified BELBIN® facilitator
  • Certified Profile Dynamics® trainer
  • Certified “Team Booster Facilitator” for Airbus Group SAS
  • Certified moderator
  • Education in body-oriented psychotherapy methods
  • Degree in industrial engineering
Who are we?


Thomas Ganslmayr has more than 20 years of international experience, in both public and private sectors, including work at the United Nations. His area of expertise ranges from the development of market studies, e.g. on the subject of seafood in Eastern Europe, consultancy to SMEs in developing nations in the area of market entry, to the training and coaching of executives and sales representatives in over 15 countries. Thomas has a degree in geography from the Freie Universität in Berlin and from the German Development Institute. Since then additional educational studies have further expanded his coaching and management training competencies. He has specialized in team development and the support of personal and professional changes. His working languages are English, German, French and Danish.


Oliver Rességuier is a certified systematic coach, BELBIN ® Practitioner and holds a degree in industrial engineering. From his long experience as an HR developer in multinationals and as a manager in strategic purchasing, he has developed a deep understanding of the requirements and dependencies within international, multicultural and multilingual organisations. He accompanies teams, executives and employees in their development, working with unconventional methods, considerable empathy and humour. His heart felt aim is to create sustainable change for all involved parties independent of their hierarchical function.



Our co-operation partners:

Teresa Ramos brings more than 23 years experience leading global teams with three of the world´s largest telecom companies: British Telecom, Vodafone and Telefonica. Additionally, she has also worked as a senior manager at Infineon and Qimonda. Teresa holds a degree in theoretical physics (Universidad Salamanca), a degree in music (Conservatorio Salamanca), a master in telecommunications engineering (King’s College, London) and an executive MBA (Instituto de Empresa, Madrid). She is an accredited Business Coach at Meyler Campbell, one of Europe’s leading coach training organisations, a founding member of the “Meyler Campbell cross-cultural coaching community”, a certified business coach by WABC (Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) and an Affiliate member of IoC (Institute of Coaching) at Harvard Medical School. Teresa is a Spanish national who lived in Germany and the UK for more than 22 years. She speaks Spanish, English and German fluently.
Who have we worked with?
  • AirBusiness Academy
  • Airbus Group
  • BMW
  • Celesio
  • Deutsche Post
  • German Red Cross
  • The Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University Stuttgart
  • Ventspils University College
  • Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
  • HRS (Hotel Reservation Service)
  • Indonesia Ministry of Environment
  • InWEnt – Capacity Building International
  • MDF Training and Consultancy
  • Metro Cash & Carry (Egypt, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Pakistan, Serbia, Ukraine, Vietnam)
  • Nestlé Schöller
  • Omnicon
  • UNDP (United Nation Development Program)
  • Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Vietnamese SMEs
  • World Bank

Talk to us – together we can develop your team molecule. We look forward to hearing from you!

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